Does your budget process take too long? Are you unable to efficiently analyze your data? Do you lack visibility into your numbers? Budgeting and planning doesn't have to be this hard. View our 30 minute webinar to quickly see how technology is changing the game. We first walk you through available products and cover the business advantages to platform solutions. Then we demonstrate how BOARD helps you achieve faster, easier, and more accurate budgeting and planning. You'll also learn how to:

  • Manage and monitor all performance planning and control processes
  • Gain complete control over workflow, audit trail, versioning, scenarios and approval status processes
  • Generate detailed views of company profitability and optimizing pricing, product inventory and commercial policies
  • Verify the potential impact of future events or new business strategies
  • Track Budget to Actual
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On-demand Webinar: Make Budgeting and Planning Easier: How Technology Changes the Game