To be recognized as a top performing apparel company and brand, there are unique industry-related issues as well as internal company issues that need to be solved. This white paper addresses the top five challenges that most Apparel & Footwear companies face and looks at how Alpargatas USA solved them.It goes into detail on how to meet these challenges and effectively manage key business processes in order to grow. Alpargatas manages up to 3,000 product variations at all times, reflecting different styles, colors, accessories, and sizes. And with new collections released every season to keep products fresh and ahead of the fashion curve, managing this complexity presented Alpargatas USA with a significant challenge that's discussed as well.

Some of the key challenges covered include:

  • Taking the steps needed to have your distribution channel perform to its full potential
  • Choosing the best routes to market, including business-to-distributor, business-to-major-retailer and business-to-consumer via retail and web
  • Managing a matrix inventory of color/style/size and ensuring the information is up to date across all of your business channels
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White Paper: The Top 5 Key Challenges for Apparel and Footwear Companies and How Alpargatas Solved Them